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Below is a list of roles realtors will play with the title company:
Contract to Purchase Real Estate, Listing Agent’s Pre-Closing Checklist, Selling Agent’s Pre-closing Checklist, and Role of the Title Company

Realtors’ Roles with their Title Company

HomeOwner's Title Insurance Policy | Sterling Land Title Agency

I: Contract to Purchase Real Estate:

  • The Property (lines 3-5)
  • Financing Contingency and Seller Paid Closing Costs (lines 12-16)
  • Warranty Covenants of the Deed (lines 19-25 and 39-44)
  • Title Insurance (lines 26-27)
  • Tax Pro-ration (lines 28-38)
  • “Make Deed To” (lines 77-78)
  • Acceptance (lines 80-84)
  • Earnest Money (lines 56-67 and 86-89)

II: Listing Agent’s Pre-Closing Checklist:

  • The “Prelim” Report
  •  Name of Clients and Marital Status
  •  Open Mortgages and Account Numbers
  •  Commission Agreements and Splits
  •  Social Security Numbers
  •  Contract Expenses for Inspections, Warranties and Repairs
  •  Closing Cost Concessions and Post Inspection Agreements
  •  Photo IDs
  •  Credit Consent Authorization Forms

III: Selling Agent’s Pre-closing Checklist:

  • The “Prelim” Report
  • Name of Clients and Marital Status
  • Contract Inspection Invoices
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Premium and Agent Name
  • Closing Cost Concessions and Post Inspection Agreements
  • Good Faith Estimate from Lending Institution
  • Earnest Money Deposit
  • Cashier’s Check for Closing Funds
  • Lender’s Closing Conditions
  • Photo IDs

IV: Role of the Title Company:

  • Settlement Agent
  • Disbursing Agent
  • Title Insurance Agent